What’s Your Endgame? – A Showcase of NETC Graduates

What’s Your Endgame? – A Showcase of NETC Graduates

“What’s Your Endgame?” came about through an idea during a planning meeting. Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, (the finale of the culmination of 22 movies spanning 11 years) was on fans minds and being advertised on television and social media. It was a cultural phenomenon, and we wanted to capitalize on its hype.

But how?

Our graduation was coming up, and the Avengers: Endgame movie was still popular. We wanted to highlight some of our graduates as the superheroes they are. We asked each graduate, what is your endgame? Meaning, what is your final goal/plans in life concerning your career?

Every student involved was photographed, and we used their image and turned it into a movie poster titled, What’s Your Endgame? Their names were front and center along with their major and future plans. Dark clouds, lightning, smoke, sparks, and debris surround each student as they stand as the centerpiece of the image.

Each poster was set up individually by hand and posted to our social media outlets where we tagged the student along with the message, “we salute you.” We also had original full size digital files available for students, if they desired a full size physical print.

There are a total of 37 completed pieces from the graduates who desired to participate.

(This media was created while I was employed at Northeastern Technical College and is not affiliated with Triumphant Designs.)

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