The Story

The Story


Triumphant Designs is here to serve your graphic design and video needs.


Hi, my name is Joshua Redfearn. Triumphant Designs is my creative space. It is a hub where I share my creations with the world. I would love for you to be a part of this journey.


Why Triumphant?


Life seems to throw some of the most difficult curve balls your way. I have experienced some of those. Some you think you will never recover from but somehow you manage to.


My wife and I experienced a pain we hope no one else ever has to know. It lingers now as I type. That barely describable pain, the loss of a child. We lost one of our beautiful twin boys a few months into their unborn lives. I do not expect anyone that has not felt the pain of miscarriage to fully understand, but if you have, you know. It hurts. So as I explain myself, I ask you not to write me off as overreacting. I too did not understand it fully until it happened to me. I wish I could apologize to anyone I attempted to comfort using, what I thought were “heartfelt” words. I had no idea.


My wife and I were broken beyond any hurt I had known up until that time. How do we cope? How do we begin another day? How do we move forward? My child, I wished to hold him, to keep him close. I wanted him.



This is the reality we had now. It took the shape of inward fury and painful anger. I had no answers and no child. Our other son would not know his brother. Our oldest child would only know one of his brothers. Why? How? It was a bad and sad time in our lives.




Day by month by year we began to heal. We never forgot, but we began to heal, and that is definitely progress.


It happened again a while later. Our second loss. It stung the same, but the wound was still there from the first one. Like shooting someone in the same place twice. It hurts but you are already hurting so your heart is numb to the blow.


I had to settle that no matter the hurts or pain, I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE TRIUMPHANT.


Situations and circumstances will not determine what I am. I DO THAT, and I am Triumphant.




We now have 3 wonderful children I am thankful for. Do I still miss our other children? Yes, so much. I am at a place I never imagined I would be. Healed and healing from it. I can laugh and smile once again. Life does go on and I can not allow pain and hurt to hold me in the past as life moves forward.


The same goes for you. Move forward.



My hope is in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


He utterly changed the path I was taking at the young age of 19. I accepted him into my heart and I experienced unbelievable joy, peace, and a new life. What an awesome Lord he is!


He is in a relationship with me and that is overwhelmingly awesome! All and every gift and talent I have received from him will be used for him. Triumphant Designs is a light beacon that points right back to him.


He is my life and Lord.


I choose to honor him in everything I do and for that purpose, there are some things I will not engage in making.


I will not promote anything that doesn’t please him.


Please respect my choice to do so.


Now let’s create something amazing.


Joshua Redfearn,
Triumphant Designs




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